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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

Why you should update Your Kitchen with a Glass Splashback

Ceramic or mosaic tiles, exposed bricks, granite or quartz and even simple paint or wallpaper are all trendy options when it comes to kitchen splashbacks. But what about glass? As it turns out, glass splashbacks are an excellent feature for modern and contemporary kitchens. Herewith a look at the pros and cons when opting to make use of glass splashbacks in your kitchen:


When it comes to having a good choice of colours and patterns, glass splashbacks simply cannot be beaten – it is highly versatile. You will have a huge range of options; plain or clear, personalised, solid colour or photo effect and you can choose which one you would like to blend in with your overall kitchen design or either act as a focal-point of the room so that it stands out.

Practicality - being very sleek and flat, glass splashbacks are easy to clean. Simply wipe the stain or spill with normal household cleaning materials. Unlike tiles which gather mould and grime in the grouting, splashbacks provide a smooth surface that repels dirt and muck.

One of the best benefits of glass splashbacks is that they reflect light. If installed correctly, it provides a spacious feel and reflects light back into the kitchen. This is great if you need the extra light due the lack natural light.

Glass splashbacks are heat resistant. Since it’s made from toughened glass heat from the hob will not wrap or change the colour of the splashback.


However, glass splashbacks are not without their cons. They can be very expensive to purchase and install.

A customize glass splashback is sure to be the centre of attraction in your kitchen, but they’re expensive. If you want something custom-designed or special, the cost goes up and then there’s also the cost of the installation to consider.

Installation is a bit more complicated compared to other materials as glass needs to be handled with care and needs to look perfect once the whole process is complete. Also, toughened glass requires expert cutting skills in order to get it cut right the first time.

With unlimited option, hygienic surface and low maintenance, glass splashbacks can create a talking point and something that you’ll be proud to show off in your kitchen.

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