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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

How to Pair Kitchen Countertops and Splashbacks

If you’re embarking on a kitchen renovation or creating a brand new kitchen, you might find yourself debating the best way to pair kitchen countertops and splashbacks. Do you start with the kitchen countertop? Or should you choose the splashback first? What’s the best way to coordinate the colours? Is it best to mix and match patterns or should you go with a contrasting approach? What sort of look and feel would complement the interiors of your home?

Nowadays, there is an array of different finishes on the market; an abundance of tile choices, stained or coloured glass and wallpaper. However, with all these choices it can be overwhelming to decide on which countertop or splashback finish you want, and it’s even harder to find ones that you love that also work well together. Here are some basic guidelines that you can follow in making the task at hand easier.


If you want to keep the process simple and straightforward, start by choosing the countertop and use that material for both the countertops and splashbacks. This will create a delightful continuous flow for a smooth and elegant aesthetic.


An equally stunning style approach is to create visual contrast between your kitchen countertop and the splashback. This allows you to showcase a unique splashback design that doubles as a feature wall or statement piece. Make sure to factor in your general kitchen interiors and colour palette for a cohesive look. You can choose a bold design or colour for the splashback paired with a neutral, soothing countertop material or the other way around, which would make the countertop the star and the splashback the supporting element.


Third but not least, you could coordinate a specific pattern or design with a mix of colours, or feature different patterns in a specific colour. A good example would be a light grey countertop paired with a soft blue granite-like glass splashback design, or an off-white marble countertop paired with a marble splashback in a similar light shade in subway tiles.

How to Pair Countertop and Splashbacks: Where Do You Start?

Pick the Countertop First

If it doesn’t make any difference to you, picking the countertop first might simplify matters. Countertops have fewer options for colour, materials, and designs compared to splashbacks, which come with practically unlimited options these days. If you decide on a unique countertop

material with vibrant colours and a lot of movement, you should pair it with a subtle and neutral splashback so the two aren’t fighting for attention. Alternatively, you could opt to match your splashback with your chosen countertop.

Pick the Splashback First

If you stumble upon a splashback design that has your name written all over it, go with your gut. If it’s a vibrant design that takes centre stage, balance it with a laidback, understated countertop that doesn’t compete with the splashback. That said, if you wish to go for a multi-hued and patterned splashback and countertop combo, stick to a common colour palette for both so there’s a cohesive look to them.

If the idea of choosing between so many options feels daunting? We will be able to provide expert recommendations catered to your individual style and needs.


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