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Why Choose Caesarstone Countertops for Your Kitchen?

When designing your new kitchen, you will be overwhelmed by a number of choices available when you want to choose countertops. Over 75% of homeowners don’t have a clue the type of countertop they want. However, they usually have specifications in mind which includes – Affordable, aesthetics, durability, easy maintenance, and of course, a long warranty.

Finding a countertop that meets the above specification is not always easy but not impossible. One of such countertops that meet these specifications is Caesarstone.

Caesarstone 6131 Bianco Drift

What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is a reputable name in the quartz countertop industry. Made from up to 93% quartz aggregate, it is a nationally (and internationally) recognized brand that offers high-quality engineered quartz surfaces in a variety of colours.

Caesarstone has safeguarding of the environment as its highest priority. That’s why they are proud to have achieved the stringent American Green guard certification proving their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.


Caesarstone surfaces are virtually non-porous, so they are ideal for areas that need to be hygiene sensitive. Caesarstone quartz surfaces are ideal for virtually any interior surface from kitchen countertops, splashbacks, bathroom vanities and stairs, to wall panelling and interior furniture. As Caesarstone surface resin is not UV stable, we do not recommend outdoor installations.


  • Non-Porous – Caesarstone are synthetic so are non-porous, unlike natural stones. This means, they don’t need to be sealed as they won’t harbour bacteria or other microorganisms from spills.

  • Durable – It’s resistant to cracks, scratches and stains, thus making it a durable material for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Interestingly, it is more durable than natural stones like marble and granite.

  • Low Maintenance – Since Caesarstone quartz countertops are non-porous, they’re easy to clean. Soap and water or a mild detergent are all that’s needed to maintain its luster. Abrasive cleaners will dull the surface.

  • Residential Lifetime Warranty

  • Add Value – Buying a Caesarstone countertop increases your property’s resale value because long-lasting additions like this engineered quartz stone do not require frequent repair or replacement.


  • Not Heat Resistant – Unlike granite, Caesarstone countertops cannot endure extremely high heat. Sudden temperature changes can cause damage, so hot pots or pans should never be placed directly on them.

  • Heavy – Because these engineered stone surfaces are heavier than granite, you need to make sure the cabinetry is strong enough to support the countertop.

  • Can Get Damaged – Caesarstone countertops are durable but not indestructible. Although they’re resistant to scratches and chips, dropping something sharp or heavy on them can chip edges and corners. It’s also best to cut foods on a cutting board instead of directly on the surface.

  • A Bit Expensive – With all the features of Caesarstone countertop, it will be difficult to get them at the same price or lower than low-quality countertops. However, when it comes to longevity, invest in a Caesarstone countertop is a good idea.


Caesarstone has several beautiful collections which all share the excellence of quality our customers have come to expect. Go and have a look at their collection

Without a doubt, every home deserves a quality countertop like Caesarstone Countertops. We have come across many countertops made from different products, but quartz always stands out. Moreover, Caesarstone countertops have gone a great length to make countertops that combine beauty with outstanding performance, enabling you to bring your design imagination to life.

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