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Small Laundry Design Tips

Laundry is something we all have to do (whether we like it or not!), which is why a functional laundry space is essential in every home. In fact, in modern homes these days the laundry space may be small and cramped – filled with huge appliances and all the essentials needed to do the laundry. However, what if we were to tell you that we have the secret to making laundry day a good day with our top tips for getting the most out of your laundry room design even when space is limited?

Appliance placement

Plan your appliance placement

Maximize Vertical Space – One of the most effective ways to increase storage in a small space is to use the height of it as much as possible. As you already know, height matters especially when you’re designing and organizing a small space. The first option in determining the placement of your appliance, by is stacking your washing machine and tumble dryer. Whilst this may remove some countertop space it does mean that there will be much more available area for a sink and tap and storage. The second configuration is often to have them side by side rather than stacked. This means that you can then have a countertop over them, creating a workspace with a decent length.

Maximise storage

Makes smart use of the area above the appliances and / or countertops by combining of open shelves and cabinets to hold extra supplies, lost items, knick-knacks, and more. A cabinet under the sink is a great area to hide your messy items such as laundry detergent and cleaning supplies. Add pull-out shelving and drawers to maximise efficiency and tidiness. Open shelving is a clever option for those seeking to maximize storage without creating a boxy feel within a small laundry space. Countertop space may also be important to help you fold and temporarily store your clean clothes. Minimising the items on display in your laundry can certainly maximise the space so be intentional on the products needed.

Choose a lighter, neutral colour palette

A colour palette that is lighter in neutral shades of white, light grey or creams can make your laundry look brighter and makes the space from looking and feeling cramped and overcrowded. Keep the same tone from the cabinetry to the splashback and walls. This is an effective tip used to make smaller rooms look bigger.

Embrace light

Part of making your laundry room special and giving it personality is to think about its lighting. The brighter and lighter a room looks, the more spacious it feels. It’s always great to add natural light to your laundry room through the use of skylights or large windows to allow the outside light in. Cooler lights and LED strip lighting under above wall cabinetry can also brighten your small laundry.

Consider a hanging rail

Consider a hanging rail

Your laundry room may need to be a multi-functional space in which you can do both the washing and drying of clothing. Practical solutions such as hanging rails are a great way to improve practicality of your laundry. Consider placing them above sinks to allow clothing to drip dry. Fixing hanging rails under wall cabinets is a fantastic way of maximizing practicality and storage space.

Inspired to take your small laundry and transform it into a space you love doing laundry in? Book your free consultation HERE.

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