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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

Optimising Your Kitchen Storage

Something that we all want more of in our kitchens - storage space. We tend to fill up our available storage cabinets so quickly with pots, pans, cutlery and other kitchen appliances, and we end up dinging them out from the mess once we need them again. Good news is that there are so many ways to optimize your kitchen’s storage and improve accessibility to anything you want at any time. Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your new kitchen:


A combination of drawers immediately improves the user-friendly factor of your kitchen! From your standard cutlery drawers, to wide and shallow plate drawers and then of course the big and helpful pot drawers. Find ways to make your drawers work for you. Use drawer dividers everywhere you can, the keep items from being piled on top of each other and from sliding around in drawers. Cutlery, pots, plates, Tupperware, baking supplies, spices and even coffee cups can be stored in drawers.

Pull-out Cabinets

Spice up your cooking life with easily accessible grab and go spice pull out cabinets. Designed to be located close to your cooking zone, these cabinets can be installed as a fitting, or even built as part of your kitchen cabinets themselves. Vegetable baskets are also an age-old solution that has been making its comeback in kitchens. These can come in traditional wicker baskets, or in new drawer fittings that can be hidden away behind a cabinet door in your more modern kitchen. Pull-out cabinets are also being used more and more for storing of tall utensils, cutting boards and trays, as well being used for optimizing of your cleaning supplies and hiding your dustbin.

Corner Cabinets

Remember that Corner and reach in cabinets also provides a lot of storage space, it’s just accessibility that can be a problem. Well not with the easy installation of a corner carousel of universal corner fitting in your cabinet, giving you full and easy access to all stored items.

Open / Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are seen being used in multiple Scandinavian and country style kitchens as a means of displaying decorative items or greenery, instead of keeping these items behind glass doors or on counter tops.

Roller Shutter Doors

Don’t think too industrial when hearing the words roller shutter doors, because this neat accessory is such a versatile storage item to have in any style kitchen. Don’t want to display your toaster, kettle or other often used appliances? Just shift it behind the roller doors and have a clean and neat kitchen instantly.

Tall Cupboards

Not all kitchens have walk in pantries and so we make use of nice big grocery cupboards to store our groceries and ingredients. People are also making more use of the grocery cupboard rather than the corner pantry, in order to avoid digging through all the food to get to the corner items way in the back. Grocery cupboards can be fully shelved, or they can even have internal drawers. This will again help you to fully utilize your available capacity and make grabbing items easier. Tall cupboards can also be used together with a fitting such as a larder, with pull out shelves bringing all your ingredients straight to your hands.

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Ciel Chen
Ciel Chen
May 16, 2022

Good ideas! And I found another f the shower caddy! It can be used to accommodate the spice jars to make the countertop organized!

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