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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

How to Create Symmetry in Your Kitchen

Looking for a simple way to create an aesthetically pleasing kitchen? Symmetry in kitchens is essentially balancing scale, colour and proportions for a timeless and calm space. It is a style of design that allows your interior to look crisp and neat at all times, no matter how chaotic it may be at different times of the day.

Symmetrical kitchen

Why We Love Symmetry?

Symmetrical design cues affect our subconscious, even when they are almost too subtle to be noticed. Our natural instinct draws us towards balance and symmetry, as they create a feel of harmony and stability. Incorporating symmetry into the design of a kitchen is a sure way to achieve visual balance within the space. Balance is the visual principle of making a design appear equally weighted throughout the composition. Subconsciously, balance conveys a sense of order and harmony to which we are instinctively drawn to and find aesthetically pleasing.

How to Achieve Symmetry?

Coordinate the Lighting

To build a symmetrical kitchen, an important factor to keep in mind is the mid-point of the space. Objects on either side of it need to be proportionally symmetrical or coordinated. Kitchen pendant lighting can be that one hook that anchors the room. Usually, other objects in the room will support and not compete with the focal point, although, in big kitchens, the space might benefit from having multiple focal points.

Unify the Colour Scheme

While it may be tempting to bring in that bright red coffee machine or those quirky, multi-coloured cabinet handles, the inclusion of a variety of colours could create an unbalanced kitchen with little symmetry. Instead, make your decorating choices carefully. Choose a unified kitchen colour scheme that washes over the space and makes the room look streamlined. Alternatively, choose coordinating colours for all the storage, leaving the splashbacks and countertops muted.

Symmetrical Cabinets

Symmetry in cabinets can be achieved in several ways; via colour, design, material, finish, hardware, or architectural features. These cabinets will be able to help bring your kitchen back to having a harmonious and cohesive look. Also if your kitchen's layout is slightly unconventional with corners or exceptionally high ceilings, coordinated cabinetry will be able to bring visual order.

Balance the Seating

The kitchen island seating can contribute as much functionally as it can aesthetically. For a streamlined look, choose a set of matching bar stools, and make sure you have at least two or three at a time, and not one, as that will throw off the room's symmetry. Also choose chairs that are either in the same material or colour as the kitchen, for an even more unified look. Sleeker designs are better as they will not add a bulky edge to the space, and can also be tucked under the island to make the room look even more compact and put together.

It’s always worth taking inspiration from the experts. When it comes to starting your design journey our experienced team consider everything; from your kitchen layout to how you use it. As well as planning a kitchen around you and your lifestyle you should consider balance, symmetry, scale and proportion. It’s the combination of these elements that will give your kitchen a sense of timelessness and calm.

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