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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

Tips for Designing a Kitchen for Entertaining

Ever notice how no matter the size of your kitchen, that’s where everyone gathers? Love to entertain but don’t have a kitchen that makes it easy? Size is certainly not a prerequisite for a great entertaining kitchen—though square footage will determine whether you can include features like an island or scullery. Here are some top tips to consider if you would like to turn your space into a hub for hosting.

Keep your kitchen design simple, flowing and spacious… go open plan

It’s easy to add too many elements into a kitchen design which, in a restricted space, causes confusion and restricts flow. An open plan kitchen with good flow (no matter its size) will make it easier for you to create beautiful meals fast and seamlessly.

If possible, ask your designer to create a plan which opens up the space as much as possible and reduces barriers that will get in your way. The less corners the better – although this is sometimes not possible. An open space makes it easier for more than one person to work in the space at a time. While entertaining, the kitchen becomes the hub, guests want to chat, help and feel involved so it’s guaranteed you won’t be in the kitchen alone! Avoid cupboards and fridge doors that block access when open as this will slow you and your helpers down.

An island brings your kitchen to the party

When entertaining, your guests or family often want to chat, help out and see what’s going on. Few kitchen features encourage guests to gather more than a well-placed island with seating. Even small spaces can benefit from a casual spot to sip and socialize.

Enough seating for everyone

When planning your new layout, ensures there will be enough room to seat all your guests when you have a party, but without compromising on space when it’s just the family sitting down for dinner. Having enough chairs without cluttering your space on a day-to-day-basis can be an issue, but a few folding ones can easily be stored away and brought out when required.

Allow guests to help themselves

A good kitchen design should incorporate easy access cupboards for storage of glasses, where guests can help themselves. You may want to consider allowing space for a well-placed wine or bar fridge so that guests are not using the main fridge and can help themselves to drinks. If brunch is more your style, consider incorporating a beverage station with an espresso machine or coffeemaker.

Hide the evidence with a scullery

Do you have space for a scullery? Sculleries are excellent for preparing complicated dishes and hiding all the dirty equipment and dishes away. This allows you to relax knowing that all looks under control, clean and organised, with all the evidence of your hard work and prep nicely hidden away in the scullery we can tailor make for you.

Mood lighting

No one wants the bright glare of task lighting when the evening wears on, do they? Go for brighter task lighting in your cooking and cleaning up areas, including ceiling downlights and under-unit fittings; ambient lighting for areas you’ll be sitting, for example pendants above the island; and accent lighting in the kitchen for a relaxing glow when dinner is done – so LED strips under the island, or within wall units, adding visual impact.

If entertaining is a priority in your house. Than tips above will help you turn one of the most used spaces into a place where guests feel at home.

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Ciel Chen
Ciel Chen
May 30, 2022

A kitchen for entertainment should also be neat and clean. Having paper towels in kitchen for easy cleaning is great! And to keep paper from rolling around, a paper towel holder si also important.

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