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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

Advantages of Choosing a U-shaped Kitchen

The U-shaped or horseshoe-shaped kitchen has emerged as the most-efficient best-suited for medium-sized and spacious kitchens. The best part about a U-shaped kitchen is that it uses three walls to maximize the available space. This leaves a large, open space in the middle of the kitchen, that allows for unimpeded movement and a good kitchen flow. Although in large kitchens, a central kitchen island can be used very effectively to create a central anchor point, with additional storage and worktop space.

Well-organized & Efficient Workflow

We think you’ll agree, there is nothing quite so frustrating as preparing a complex meal in a cramped kitchen. You have to constantly shift things around the countertop in order to get the tiniest of tasks done. Since a U-shaped kitchen incorporates a countertop on three sides of the kitchen, it can strategically be divided into three distinct zones easily accommodate the kitchen work triangle which in turn will help create more space for different tasks in the kitchen. It will also prevent overlapping and cramping.

Continuous Countertop

U-shaped kitchens provide plenty of uninterrupted countertop space, can look sophisticated and crisp, and impart a clutter-free look. Additionally, all the kitchen appliances and kitchen ingredients are easy to access.

Abundant Storage

The biggest advantage of a U-shaped kitchen is that it has a large storage capacity when compared to other kitchen layouts. With the U-shaped design, the three connected walls mean plenty of space is available to position cabinets, pantries, and drawers all around. For a neat and clutter-free look, consider built-in kitchen appliances. Opting for this kitchen design means you get two areas of corner cabinets. If poorly designed, these corner kitchen cabinets can be difficult to access; and most people end up leaving them unused. Thus, opt for smart storage solutions such as Carousels

With a U Shape, You Can Create an Island

Typically, you need a much larger space if you want to include an island within this layout. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, consider a peninsula instead of an island. The design of a U-shaped kitchen makes it possible to extend one of the tails of the ‘U’ into an open space. You can then add stools and entertain guests or family as you cook. In an open-plan space, a peninsula will also provide the benefit of creating a physical separation between the kitchen and the living area.


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