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Planning Your Kitchen Island, What are the Advantages?

If you are planning a new kitchen, adding an island will turn your kitchen into a versatile space for eating, working and socializing. It also provides a great space-saving dining option and can offer storage solutions too, great for making your kitchen the heart of your home.

A kitchen island is a freestanding unit providing counter and cabinet space, usually in the centre of a large kitchen. As well as providing additional seating it can be used to place stoves, hob, ovens, and prep bowl. A peninsula is similar to an island but is fixed to at least one wall, so instead of having access to all four sides, you'll have access to just three sides. This option is ideal for narrow or small kitchens and helps to transform an L-shaped kitchen layout into a U-shape.

If you’re considering whether to have a kitchen island or not, check out these 5 advantages of a kitchen island.

More space for amenities

Opting for a Kitchen Island allows you to improve your kitchens functionality. Ask yourself... Do you want your main sink or prep sink on the island? Will you be using it as your main cooking area, with hob, stove or oven ? Do you want an under-counter microwave; or even a bar or wine fridge. Are you looking to have seating area? What storage do you require? Does a peninsula style work better? What shape works best with the space and the functional requirements?

More counter space

If counter space is an issue for your home, often times the problem is that the kitchen has so many useful appliances, there isn’t as much countertop space as you’d like for prepping food. This is one of the big advantages to having an island as it gives you more space to prepare food without feeling restricted.

More storage

Probably the most appealing feature of a kitchen island is more storage space, especially if your islandless kitchen has very little. You can easily add more cabinet space under the counter for extra drawers and shelves as well as rubbish bins, recycling canisters and more.

Additional seating area

For those who are frustrated by a lack of kitchen seating, an island can provide a place for family and friends to sit while meals are being prepared. It’s also a great place for kids to do homework, watch their parents cook, and perhaps learn to cook themselves.

A Focal Point

In addition to its practical uses, a kitchen island can highlight the overall style of your kitchen as well as give guests something to focus on other than a wall of cabinetry.

If you are thinking about adding an island but are unsure about if its right for you, contact us today and speak to one of our design consultants. You can also take a look at some of our past projects.

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