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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

Why Choose Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Designing a new kitchen can be an exciting process that’s filled with possibilities. You can change the layout, the fixtures or the colour. You can upgrade your appliances or add in additional storage. You can choose to completely overhaul the style of your kitchen. Regardless of what changes you decide to make, one of the design features of custom kitchen cabinets that will have the greatest overall impact is your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets form the backbone of your kitchen. They’ll dictate your choice of colours and finishes, the location of appliances and what kind of overall style you’ll be able to achieve. When choosing from a ready-made range of cheap kitchen cabinets, you may find your choices somewhat limited by what designs and sizes the manufacturer has available. To overcome this issue, custom kitchen cabinets are the ideal solution.

Limitless Options

If you decide to install flat-pack kitchen cabinets, then you will have a limited selection of styles and colours to choose from. However, with custom kitchen cabinets, you gain access to an unparalleled range of colours and styles. You can select your preferred material, finish and colour, as well as what kind of handles you’d like fitted. Custom kitchen cabinets will also give you greater control over the smallest of details. For example, you may decide to increase the height or width of a particular cabinet so that it lines up perfectly with an adjacent feature within the kitchen.

Optimised Kitchen Storage

When it comes to storage, literally every centimeter is important. If you’re relying on bulk manufactured cheap kitchen cabinets, then you’ll have to choose whatever options will best fit the space you have available. This will likely result in the creation of some wasted space. In contrast, when you decide to include custom kitchen cabinets, you’ll find that every last bit of available space can be put to good use. Not only will the cabinets be designed to suit the size of your kitchen, but you can also choose from a great range of added storage options, including pull-out shelving, creative corner solutions and under-sink drawers.

Achieving A High-quality Product

A kitchen is typically one of the most heavily used areas in the home. By opting for a higher quality product, you can ensure that your newly renovated kitchen will successfully endure many years of daily wear and tear while still looking fantastic and operating in the way it was designed.

Our experience team has been manufacturing and installing custom designed kitchen cabinets for years. We take extreme pride in our work, use the latest available technology and make use of A-grade material in our manufacturing process. As a result, you can expect a custom kitchen cabinet from Ergo to be high quality and built to last.


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