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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

Where to Saves and Splurge When Renovating Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovations can be very expensive and it doesn’t take much to go over-budget. What is important to one person may not be important to another. But if you know where it’s safe to save and where it’s a good idea to splurge you can still create a stylish and efficient kitchen. Here are our recommendations on where you can save money, and where you should splurge.

Save – Cabinet finishes

The cabinetry finishes and styles can make or break the bank. If you have a limited budget, rather opt flat melamine cabinetry doors instead of going with its more expensive Duco or Wrap shaker counterpart. Both PG Bison® and Innovus Decorative Products® has a wide range of finishes that offers versatile solutions to create any kitchen style.

Save – Tile

For some the wall tiles needs to be a feature. Good-looking, good-quality tiles can be found for cheap, thus saving on the expense and invest in something ells such as the countertops. That said, if you’ve fallen in love with a really expensive tile use it as a feature in a small area and surround it with a less expensive tile. Alternatively, a big saving on wall tiles is using paint instead. It can provide a very cost-effective way of creating a practical and impactful splashback.

Save – Flooring

The great thing about kitchen flooring is that you don’t have to go high end in order to get a decent return. Tile and wood floors are considered the most desirable and durable, but vinyl and laminate are also fine choices that won’t compromise the budget. No matter what you choose they key is to make sure it ties in with everything else in the room and if your floor plan is open concept make sure it flows with the rest of the space.

Save – Lighting

Lighting is another item in which you can find savings. That lovely blown glass pendant is indeed striking but you can most likely find a more affordable option that will deliver on the style you envision. As long as you have the appropriate ambient and task lighting focused in the right places.

Save – Sink

Farmhouse & undermount sinks are gorgeous, but they are also be expensive. There are plenty of stainless-steel options that are durable and surrounded by beautiful countertops and an elegant faucet design will achieve that high-end look for less.

Splurge – Countertops

Your kitchen countertops will take a bit of a beating over its lifetime. Heavy items will get dropped on it, hot items accidentally put down on it, harsh cleaning chemicals spilled on it, and strong coloured foods (turmeric, red wine) splashed on it. Thus, making the investment in something that won’t get damaged is well worth the price. Regardless of what material you choose, ensure it is good quality, carries a good warranty, is stain, heat and water resistant, and is easy to clean.

Splurge – Drawer and hinge hardware

Good quality hardware is one of the best investments you can make in your new kitchen. There is nothing more annoying than a door that keeps falling off its hinges or a drawer that keeps sticking or breaking because it can’t handle the weight. Soft closing hinges and drawers tend to cost a bit more than non-soft closing hinges but it is a small luxury that most of my clients are not willing to live without.

Splurge – Appliances

There is no way around it. Appliances are big-ticket items when renovating a kitchen. It’s important to choose designs that do the hard work for you. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy top-of-the-line models full of features you’ll never use, but it does mean it’s worth it to buy quality appliances with good warranties. It’s also a good idea to prioritize energy efficiency in appliances that are on all day.

Splurge – Quality workmanship

A well-made, good-quality kitchen will really stand the test of time and serve you well for many years to come. Do your research into the suppliers that you are considering and the materials they use.

When it comes to your kitchen, whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or working with what you've got, give careful thought to where to cut back, so you can splurge elsewhere.


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