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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

SapienStone – Dress your countertops with this innovative & on-trend slab collection

In February 2020, ProQuartz launched their new showroom together with their new imported porcelain slab collection – SapienStone. The collection offers beautiful finishes in a range of modern colours and designs and many maintenance and durability benefits. SapienStone is all about design, innovation and quality.

SapienStone’s porcelain slabs are crafted from ceramic clays and mineral colouring – and thanks to this unique manufacturing process, these slabs will not be altered by heat, light or chemical cleaners and disinfectant products. The 12mm thickness allows for versatility and creativity in application and by combining with the Maximum 6mm collection endless possibilities to create a design statement. The surface can be as kitchen and vanity countertops, wall cladding, fireplaces and flooring in both indoors and outdoors applications.

Why Porcelain Countertops?

Porcelain is one of the strongest and hardest countertop options out there. Porcelain is a high-quality engineered stone made from ceramic clay, and mineral colouring making it a highly durable, non-porous surface, resistant to stains, resist high temperatures, frost and thermal shock, chemical products, sunlight and scratching. SapienStone countertops are perfectly hygienic, as they are non-absorbent, so that you can prepare food directly on the countertop without using a cutting-board or other surface. SapienStone is made without resin in “green” manufacturing facilities where materials and water are being recycled.

Five Differences between SapienStone and other Porcelain brands:

Technology. SapienStone is made in Italy, and specifically in the village of Castellarano, where the company has its plant and workshops; they use latest generation machinery, and all stages in the production of porcelain stoneware are subject to strict quality control.

Through colouring. SapienStone products are coloured uniformly throughout. Most porcelain products do not have the same uniformity of colour, and the edge of the countertop is often a completely different colour from the top surface. They have more than 150 raw materials that they use in their products, guaranteeing the brand’s future evolution.

Through veins. SapienStone was the first porcelain kitchen countertop brand to come up with the concept of through veins in its materials.

Design. SapienStone have their own design staff, who work on all our materials, giving each of them its own unique character. Some companies buy designs in photo databases, so they cannot offer exclusive designs as we do.

Integrated induction cookers. SapienStone is also the only brand on the market offering induction cookers in the same colour as its kitchen countertops, forming a single uninterrupted surface.

View the SapienStone collection Here


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