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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

How to Arrange Your Kitchen Appliances

Planning a new kitchen? You know that you can’t just place your new appliances anywhere you want. You have to see to it that you will arrange them depending on their functions, how you will use them and avoid potential pitfalls. Always burning yourself when getting things out of the oven or not able to open your fridge door properly? Or found your cooking constantly interrupted because your stove is right next to the snack cupboard your family likes to raid everyday? So how do you maximise your space and make cooking, cleaning and family mealtimes so much easier.

All your appliances on one wall

Want to add a sleek, modern look to the kitchen? To add a wow factor in your kitchen, incorporate everything from a fridge freezer, oven, hob, microwave, coffee machine, steam oven and warmer drawer on one wall. Leaving your kitchen island open for food prepping, baking and family mealtimes.

Create a cluster of ovens

Want to add a sleek, modern look to the kitchen? Having all your appliances in a cluster relies on you having a space large enough – placing appliances such as your oven, built-in coffee machine and microwave together. If you do this, stick with one brand of appliance. Leading appliances manufactures such as Smeg, Whirlpool and Miele invest heavily in making sure that the control panels, control knobs, badges, handles, displays and doors all align, so that they look symmetrical and elegant in any configuration.

Your fridge and ovens can be closer than you think

Things has change. Traditionally, designers advised against putting the fridge next to the oven as it would have to work extra hard to hold its temperature, wasting energy. Now due to technology, if can be placed next to one another, just ensure that there is a panel of filler between them (just for safety). Still be wary if you’re installing low-budget appliances, where such technology is limited.

Make the stove / hob the focal point

Considering the amount of time you spend in front of the stove / hob in the kitchen, it makes sense that many people choose to make this appliance the focal point. If space allows it, make the stove / hob the central focus of the kitchen. The primary function of the kitchen is to cook; the other appliances are all there to support this.

Move the microwave off the countertop

A microwave is often thought of a necessary evil, always taking up valuable countertop space. Why not install it at eye level. It’s still simple enough to retrieve your bowls and dishes. If you are someone who likes to cook and entertain, having an eye-level microwave near your stove / hob will help you do more without having to run all around the room. Alternatively, move it below the countertop – if you do not have small kids.

Have a wet zone

Ideally, position your dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer either side or close to your sink – the wet zone. Having your plumbing in one place will make life easier both when you’re having your kitchen fitted and if any issues develop down the line.

Get them off the floor

Don’t have enough space for your washing machine and tumble dryer? Why not stack them? Even your dishwasher, consider raising it a bit higher and you’ll find loading and unloading it so much easier.


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