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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

Easy Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen

Since the kitchen is known as the heart of the home, a gathering place and center of daily activities - you're starting to notice that the kitchen looks a little tired or dull. By adding colour into the room can make you fall in love with your kitchen all over again. You might not have the funds for a full remodel, or you’re in a rental where you can’t make major updates. Either way, brighten your kitchen with one or more of these 6 easy pops of color that won’t break your budget and give it a touch of your personality.

Add Colourful Accessories

Many people underestimate the impact accessories can have on a space. The easiest and most cost-effective way to add your personality into a kitchen is through colourful accents. Keep your base neutral and then layer with bright accessories. Think bright bar stools, colorful cookware and crockery displayed on open shelves, or fun tea towels or apron can also do the trick.

Paint Something

It's no secret that adding paint will refresh any room. What if you added paint to an unexpected kitchen surface? Experiment with a fun shade on features such as the doorway skirtings, cornices or the ceiling.


Goodbye, plain white walls. Say hello to happy colour and pattern. People sometimes think the only options for wall finishes in a kitchen are tile or paint, but wallpaper can be a great alternative. There are many wet-space-safe wallpapers available on the market. A playful wallpaper can add a dose of color and some energizing pattern to a kitchen, either as an all-over treatment or as a single accent wall.

Get Living Colour

Bring uplifting energy and instant colour to your kitchen with a plant on your counter top or window sill. Growing a small kitchen herb garden doesn’t just add colour to the room — it adds scent, taste and a dynamic element as well.

Hang Colourful Art

Artwork in the kitchen is often overlooked or not even considered. The options are endless. If a professional painting isn't in your budget, consider vintage posters for a large yet economical splash of color. For a more personal touch, hang a grouping of family photographs, or frame some of your children's more colorful artistic productions for a vibrant and charming display.

Window Treatments

Instead of going down the traditional road and opting for colourful cabinets or accessories, you can make the kitchen visually intriguing by selecting the right window treatment. Add some pattern that brings in a wide range of hues to an otherwise mostly neutral space.

Adding colour to your kitchen is fun. Whether it's big or just small touches, colour can do amazing things for a kitchen.

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