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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

Black Cupboards In A Small Kitchen?

For those suffering from white kitchen overload, you may want to consider another classic colour, black—in particular, dark cabinetry. Dark cabinets introduce a certain richness and depth that lighter colours just cannot achieve. And as a neutral colour, black never goes out of fashion. But can dark or black cabinets work in a small kitchen?

As a rule, small spaces should never be decorated using dark colours, because dark colours tend to make a space smaller. While that's true in some cases, we've found there are ways around this rule when clients have a small kitchen but would like to make use of dark cabinetry.

Create contrast

Balance the dark shades with lighter colours. One of the easiest ways to incorporate black cabinets is to pair them with white. Just make sure there is plenty of natural light in the room. Opt for dark or black cabinetry alongside the wall with white cabinetry for the island of. If there is no space for an island, makes use of a light colour countertop. You can also choose to refresh the black with a bright colour wall tile.

Make use of glass

Even if you have black cabinets all around your small kitchen, you can have an illusion of more space by using glass door inserts. If you don't like the idea of clear glass, choose frosted or sandblasted glass inserts which will hide the cabinet content but still creates a lighter and brighter feel than solid cabinet doors.

Open shelving

Take advantage of every space available by adding open shelving. Break the monotony and create a more airy feel by having open shelving; even finished in a different texture such as natural wood for a look that's both modern and timeless.

Black or dark cabinetry allows a wide variety of design possibilities. While lighter cabinets are more understated and bring attention to your accessories, darker cabinets take center stage, allowing you to mix and match your accessories.


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