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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

2023 Kitchen Design Trends

From bold, warm colours and more multifunctional spaces, 2023 will be all about increasing convenience, comfort, and personal style in the kitchen. Here are 5 kitchen design trends that will be big in 2023.

Colourful kitchens

While white will continue to be a popular choice for kitchens in 2023, we can expect to see kitchens get a bit more colourful in 2023. Homeowners are embracing warmer tones and bold pops of colour rather than monochromatic, Scandinavian-style minimalism or white and gray farmhouse-style kitchens. We predict that organic and rich hues will be popular. All-white cabinetry will be replaced with warm, wood-grain tones in both light and dark colors from greens, blues to taupe.

Favor Darker Woods

Dark wood stains are making a comeback. Homeowners are longing for richer, more inviting kitchens after a decade of the bright white room. These darker woods bring in character and warmth, while also adding contrast to lighter elements. Dark colours and mixed materials are really popular, which adds sophistication to the room.

Large Islands Designed for Dining

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and many homeowners are opting for larger kitchen islands to accommodate dining and entertaining directly in the kitchen rather than a formal dining room. Traditional kitchens are evolving into other parts of the home. From preparing food to entertaining friends to make-and-do with the kids, kitchen islands have never worked harder. Perfectly balanced, comfortable but functional kitchen islands with ample amount of seats for the entire family takes primacy. Islands boost the room’s preparation and storage space plus they have a huge aesthetic impact on the room too.

Slab Splashback

Traditional white subway and trendy tile splashbacks are being replaced in favor of sleek, large-scale slab splashbacks. A slab splashback is simply made out of one large piece of continuous material. It can be matched to the countertops, or used as a statement piece in the kitchen with a bold contrasting colour or design. Granite, quartz, porcelain and marble are popular choices for slab splashback although there are many options available. Carrying the countertop to the splashback provides a seamless, clean look, it is also so easy to keep clean since there are no grout lines.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals in the kitchen will be a strong trend in 2023: Brass, bronze, stainless, nickel and more. By mixing finishes, you get a visually rich, incredibly inviting look. Colour-coordinating your hardware might look sleek. But in 2023, mixing metals is the move.


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