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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

Why it’s Important to Work with a Kitchen Designer

Working with a kitchen designer provides an enormous value. They understand the remodelling process from the outset, are extremely knowledgeable about the latest trends and have relationships with the best suppliers.

Expertise & Understanding

Many homeowners may renovate a kitchen one to three times in their lives. Compare that to how many kitchens a designer renovates in their lifetime. Experience is probably the number one reason to hire a kitchen designer. Besides implementing key design features within the overall space and kitchen cabinetry, kitchen designers are an integral part of the whole process from start to finish. Think of your kitchen floor plan as a map. If your contractor has a question about the project and how to get from point A to B, who do you think he is going to call? Many kitchen designers are equipped with the knowledge to understand the whole construction process, something that is invaluable when spending a large sum of money on a renovation.

Form meets Function

A successful homeowner or designer relationship is based on communication and collaboration. One of my favourite ways to collaborate with our clients is by sharing images and ideas found online and making use of the countless images in our portfolio. However, many clients feel overwhelmed by the number of options. Our job as a kitchen designer is to take our clients’ virtual wish, and apply their ideas to the most functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen space. The eye of a designer helps focus and narrow in on the most important details.

Insider Info

One of the most important jobs of a kitchen designer is to stay on top of trends and technology. There are trade shows (once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted), publications, and information available only to the kitchen industry. By working with a designer not only will you have access to the latest and greatest trends, but you will also receive valuable opinions and advice on products. Going back to my first point regarding experience, a seasoned kitchen designer will also have a lot of experiences (good and bad) with appliances, cabinetry, accessories, etc. that can save time and money. In a kitchen renovation, cabinetry is typically one of the biggest ticket items. Kitchen designers specialize in selecting cabinetry for specific spaces. That's why a thorough understanding of cabinetry do's and don’ts is so important.


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