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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

Kitchen Industrialized

One of the styles, in terms of kitchens, that have really made a big impact on the market of “high-end” kitchens and mansions is the Industrial Kitchen. With its unconcealed air ducts and other building materials and features, it has purity to it as it displays the architecture. The main focus with this style of kitchen is to select pieces that are about function as much as they are about style.

This style showcases neutral tones, practical objects, with wood and metal surfaces. This results in what can be called a “warehouse or factory” look. This however can be combined with other styles, such as earthy or polished styles. The most common trait of the industrial kitchen style is the exposed or uncovered pipes and ducts. As seen in the image below.

According to some designers this style was initially a necessity as people wanted this style to fit into modern homes, and because of this demand it became a well sought-after style. It became so popular that in some cases people went as far as having the whole house done in this Industrial style. With the exposed ducts and pipes other metal features in the kitchens and even other living spaces of a home can create and add to the industrial look. It is no wonder that earth tones and neutral colours are chosen for these spaces, not to say that a pop of colour would make it any less of an Industrial style kitchen. This style can also be made more modern with selective been paneling as seen in this living are below, with the wooden paneling on the ceiling.

The image of the kitchen above shows the stainless steel cabinetry, it also shows how simple yet functional the design is. We clearly see how wood and metal is combined in this living area, yet they complement each other. They days of covering structural elements are over they can now be used to add value to your living spaces.


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