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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

3 Kitchen Colours that will be Trending in 2021

Natural materials like marble, granite, exquisite wood and glamorous metal accents from brass and copper are often part of the kitchen design… but what about the overall colour? What colour will be trending in 2021? When it comes to colours for kitchens, it used to be limited to the use of white, brown or grey. We have looked at a few possibilities for 2021, even as far as peal pink (yes pink!), but have narrowed it down to 3 that can be used in the overall room or the kitchen cabinetry.

Green Kitchen Colour Trends

You've probably seen a lot of green kitchens popping up on your Instagram feed lately — and they won't be going away any time soon! Going green (colour-wise) is one of the latest trends in kitchen design and décor. With a striking green tone, you can add energy to the kitchen when used for an accent wall, cabinets, your island, wall or floor tiles and splashbacks.

If you like green, but you want something quieter use a Bluish green or Mint green. To tie in with the current grey interiors, use Sage. For a sophisticated a classic colour that won’t easily tire you, Olive or Hunter green makes a perfect choice. These two colours that we will see a lot in 2021.

Blue Kitchen Colour Trends

Since blue is a very easy colour to design a look around and meshes well with other popular trends, it’s a major trend in kitchen design right now. A timeless, classic colour.

When light blue tones are used, such as pastel or blush, they can create a clean and calm look. Nautical or Navy blue can bring a lot of sophistication and elegance. It can be used in its light or dark versions. Turquoise brings a lot of light and joy to the space. With dark blues it is important to dim the rest of the room with shades of white, grey or other neutral tones to avoid feeling too intense and dark.

Grey Kitchen Colour Trends

Gray is a neutral that has been at the centre of attention in many homes lately. It is often classified as too cold, but with the right tone, it can work wonders in the kitchen. Best of all, it combines perfectly with a wide range of other colours and can be the perfect base. It is a perfect colour for those who consider white to be too boring.

Our can incorporate any of these colours into your new kitchen cabinetry with either PG Bison Melawood and Supagloss or Sonae Arauco Novolam melamine and gloss finishes. However, if the colour you’re looking for is not available in one of their collections, our factory can manufacture Duco finished cabinetry for you in the desired shade.

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