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  • Antoinette Prinsloo

Just Because It Is Trending, Doesn't Mean It's Not Timeless

Creating a new kitchen is not a cheap exercise. Between appliances, custom cabinets and countertops we spend a lot of money to create your dream kitchen. To make sure that all of this money spent isn’t creating a kitchen that you will have to redo in five years’ time. You never want to enter your kitchen feeling like it was created 5 of 10 years ago. The trick here is to use and incorporate timeless elements that won’t go out of style.

What is a Timeless Kitchen? A Timeless kitchen is one where the core elements such as flooring, cabinets and countertops won’t need to be changed in five to ten years. You want these items to be well crafted to prevent easy and quick wear and tear. By choosing these elements you will save money in the long run. Here are some timeless elements:


White is a sometimes critique for being a little boring, clinical or cold. The reason why we recommend going for white is it will never go out of style. Recent studies show that 43% of renovating home owners went for white. White is one of the most versatile colours, it works with almost any design style. Because of its versatility, white is easy to update and accessorize. You can give the whole kitchen a new look by changing the handles and other hardware. By adding pops of colour you can create a big impact because of the contrast between them.

Shaker-Style Cabinetry

These doors are classy, stream line and gorgeous. The Shaker style has been in style for almost 250 years. Shaker cabinets are popular in farmhouse kitchens, but they work with a wide range of décor styles. The sleek, uncluttered look of the shaker ensures they transcend fickle design trends. There is nothing like a fresh stain or coat of paint that can make your doors look brand new. Another great quality of Shaker doors, it allows personalization of your kitchen. They lend themselves to a range of finishes depending on your intended look.

Glass Cabinet Doors

A glass insert cabinet door has been around since the early 1900’s. They are great to use because they create a spacious feeling. They create a little panache. It allows you to add colour to your kitchen with different colours and textures in your crockery.

Natural Materials & Colours

By adding natural material like solid wood and/or stone, will ground the space and keep it classic. Resist the urge to create an ultra-modern kitchen full of shiny stainless steel materials. Go for natural colours in the majority or the kitchen and just add certain element to spice up the room. Colours such as grey, white and cream are great colour to create a timeless kitchen


Kitchen countertops made of stone dates back to the old times. Each stone brings in their own essence to the room - granite, engineered quartz or marble (sealed). While some stand for sophisticated and modern other stand for a more rustic and antique feel. The reason to use stone as a kitchen countertop are that they are non-reactive to chemicals of various fruits and vegetables what they come in contact with. They are non-toxic and easy to clean. They are a timeless trend because they have been here for years, they are durable and there is a diversity of finishes.


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